Zen Garden: Why meditating outside is the way to go

Zen Garden: Why meditating outside is the way to go

Ommmmmmmmmm… we all know the power of a good meditation session - it can help us to collect our thoughts, recentre our mood and uplift our spirits. What isn’t as well known, is the fact that moving our meditation outside can have even more benefits. Here’s why meditating in nature is the way to go.

Get in the flow

You’ve probably been meditating inside before and as much as you try, you can’t seem to focus your mind - you end up jumping from thought to thought and your meditation is ruined. Well, being outdoors could bring you the flow that you’ve been looking for. According to many meditation gurus, mediating with the noises of nature around you can help you to centre yourself and focus on your session. Why not try a Hangout Pod in your back garden or local woods? Our Pods are free-hanging - simply attach it to your favourite tree and you’re good to go!

Calm the mind

Whether you’re trekking through the forest, strolling the beach or spending lunchtime down the park, it’s a scientific fact that being around nature is good for your mind. In fact, being in nature is so good that mental health organisations recommend it as a way to treat mild to moderate depression. What better environment to cross your legs, close your eyes and get your meditation on? 

Be present

The mysterious ‘now’ or ‘present’ - every meditator is looking to find the moment where you completely forget about the past or future. Meditating in the forest might just help you to find it. At first, there’s birdsong, then a rustling bush, then the sound of the breeze running through the leaves - the sounds of nature can help you to stop worrying about whether you’re meditating right or not.



Yes, this might sound a bit like hippy-talk but the earth beneath our feet is powerful, and if you love it and respect it, we’re sure it will give you good energy in return. Why not go to your nearest natural spot - whether that be a back garden or a national park - kick your shoes off and enjoy your meditation whilst connecting with the world around you - literally! 

Meditation is a great way to rebalance your mind and soul - but when you limit your sessions to your bedroom or lounge floor, it’s not surprising that you’re struggling to ignore your worries and focus on the present. Getting out into nature for a good ‘om’ helps you to get in the flow, calm your mind, be present and connect with your meditation.