Route 66: How to plan the ultimate summer road trip

Let’s face it - there’s no better way to spend summer than by cruising the road with a couple of good mates. Whether you’re getting your kicks on Route 66 or exploring the sunny East Coast of Australia, planning the ultimate summer road trip all boils down to the same core principles. Here are a few ways to make sure...
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How an outdoor hammock can transform your outdoor space

Looking to bring some of the wildness of a nomadic life into your garden? A Hangout Pod is just the ticket. While our Pods are the perfect travel companion, the ability to pitch up in the garden can have a huge effect on how your outdoor space looks and feels. Need convincing? Here are a few ways we think a...
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Great Outdoors: 10 tips for a great camping trip

Whether you’re bonding with Mother Nature or enjoying a weekend with your friends, camping trips can be a nourishing experience for your mind, body and soul. However, if you haven’t done your prep properly, there are bound to be a couple of things to keep in mind. Want to make your camping trip one to remember? Here are our top...
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