Why a hanging pod is the ultimate must-have piece of outdoor furniture

Why a hanging pod is the ultimate must-have piece of outdoor furniture

Are your outside spaces missing that cosy comfiness we all know and love? Whether you’re hosting your friends or family in a wide open garden or getting some me-time in your small city hideaway, a Hangout Pod is the perfect solution to those outside space conundrums. Here are a few ways we think a Hangout Pod is the ultimate must-have piece of outdoor furniture.

Family fun

Those summer barbies aren’t complete without somewhere for the family to munch on their burgers! A Hangout Pod adds another dimension to your outside space, allowing guests or the kids to chill out in comfort. Woven with Olefin fabric, the Pod is a home-worthy addition to the garden. What to make it even comfier? Lay out a plush set of colourful cushions to the Pod and you’ll be able to chat away for hours.


Let’s be honest - a whole year spent working from home can be a bit of a drag. Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air should be part and parcel of your daily routine. A Hangout Pod makes your outside space extra comfortable, allowing you to escape from those pesky emails and calls and zone out. If you’re struggling with stress, an outside Hangout Pod will give you your own little me-time hub - perfect for those reflective meditation sessions.

Cosy and dry

We can already hear you screaming from the rooftops - what about the rain? There’s no need to worry about those sudden downpours when you’ve got a Hangout Pod. While sofas and chairs will soak up all that rain water and stay soggy for hours, a weather cover for your Hangout Pod will keep things cosy and dry with easy accessibility in and out of the Pod. In fact, if you like the pitter pattering of the rain on a cool Spring afternoon, you’ll love chilling out with the weather cover.


As the saying goes, ‘flexibility is the key to stability’. Once you have a flexible Hangout Pod in the garden, you’ll never look back. We’ve designed our Pods to be assembled and reassembled at the snap of the fingers, meaning you can move it around with ease. Trust us - when you’ve got the family round, that extra stability is super convenient. Unlike your sofas and chairs, a Hangout Pod is created to be used on your outdoor adventures too. If you’re heading off to the campsite, pack the Pod into the bag, put it in your car and enjoy the wildness of the wilderness in comfort.

Having a comfy outside space is always important when you’re stuck indoors. A Hangout Pod can totally transform the way you see your garden and with the ability to pack up and go, it really is a no-brainer.