Why an outdoor hanging chair could improve your meditation session

Why an outdoor hanging chair could improve your meditation session

If you haven’t picked up on the meditation trend - where have you been for the last few years? A quick, super simple 15 minute meditation has the potential to totally transform your day-to-day state of mind. Many people have their own meditating preferences, but a Hangout Pod could improve your session tenfold. Here are a few reasons why we think a Hangout Pod could improve your meditation session.

The floating feeling

One of the most relaxing parts of chilling out on a Hangout Pod is that serene floating feeling. This can give your meditation session a massive boost by improving your focus and reducing your stress levels. Reaching that moment of pure clarity and focus is vital when you’re meditating and the floating feeling gives you an extra push in the right direction. If you want to find your zen mode, a hovering Hangout Pod can help you reach new planes of meditative goodness.

Perfect posture

No matter how eccentric your methods of meditation are, posture is a crucial part of any successful session. Hangout Pods are crafted using high-quality fabrics to make sure you’re as comfy as possible during your relaxation time. This moulding material is perfect for your posture, giving you sinking support to stay both upright and comfortable, without feeling any of those distracting twinges in your back or neck.


Working from home for the past year? Join the club! It can be all too easy to keep yourself indoors after work has finished for the day - especially when it’s rainy outside. An outdoor Hangout Pod is a perfect retreat for when you’re desperate for a bit of fresh air. Meditating outside can feel like a completely different experience from indoor sessions. Go through a variety of breathing exercises during your meditation session to really make the most of that refreshing air.

Make your meditation private

Detaching yourself from the outside world is an essential part of the meditation experience. If you customize your Hangout Pod with a plush pillow selection and a Hangout Pod cover, your meditation will immediately feel more cozy and private. Even the smallest distractions can have a negative effect, so creating a dark quiet environment for solo meditation can really help to encourage a focused session. Grab some super comfy pieces to lay on the Pod and you can create a meditation zone you’ll never want to leave.

Desperate to become a zen master? With a unique floating feeling, fresh air and space for your own pillows, a Hangout Pod in your garden will get you ‘om-ing’ your way back to a peaceful state of mind in no time.