Digital Detox: How to have a mindful weekend mini-break at home

Digital Detox: How to have a mindful weekend mini-break at home

Let’s face it, between work and social media, we all spend too much time looking at a screen. Whilst jetting off to a sizzling Californian beach or taking a spa retreat in the mountains isn’t possible right now - taking some time offline is the mini-break that you didn’t know you needed. A relaxing mindful weekend at home can give your mind, body and soul a much-needed refresh. Sound good? Keep reading.

Back to nature

Who better to unwind with than Mother Nature? The botanical beauty of the natural world is the perfect tonic to those dreary days at your home office. Nature has an extraordinary ability to refresh and replenish our minds, while helping to release built-up stress. On your mindful weekend, make sure you put away some time to sit in the woods, a park or by a river and soak up the splendour of the natural world. Why not go into full relaxation mode and bring along a Hangout Pod?


You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but exercise is the best way to reset your mind on a digital detox. When we’re all cooped up inside, strapping on your trainers, pressing play on your running playlist and heading out for a jog has never been more important. If jogging isn’t for you, why not jump on your bike or go for a dip in the local pool? Even a slow walk will help your mind release all of those delightful, mood shifting endorphins. 


Meditation isn’t all about baggy trousers and incense - although we love those things too! Getting in touch with your spiritual side can be super helpful in your daily life, whilst also re-establishing your mindfulness. What better time to start than on your mindful mini-break? Find a comfortable position, follow a free guided meditation and focus your mind on your breathing. Ultimately, your brain is a muscle and flexing it can help you to put things in perspective.

Screen limits

Much like making your way through a greasy burger, social media binges don’t leave you feeling any better afterwards. Spending some time away from the glow of your TV, computer and phone screens at the weekend will boost your mindfulness and help get you pepped up for the working week. If you can feel yourself reaching for a screen, set up some time limits to fight that instinctive urge. Trust us - after a couple of days, you’ll be feeling incredible.

A digital detox is all about shaking up your daily routine and getting back in touch with yourself. Taking the time to enjoy a mindful mini-break can do wonders for your mind and body. So - sit back, ditch the screens and get yourself back to your best.