Weekend Warriors

Our 'Weekend Warrior' range is bold, weatherproof, and transportable, perfect for adventure

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'On the Go' Sets

Looking to spend more time exploring, get back to nature, or reconnect with loved ones? You've come to the right place. Explore our go-to Weekend Warrior sets!

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The spirit of exploration

Whether it’s a family camping trip or a solo weekend away, exploration allows us to reset and recharge. What better way than pitching a Pod under the wide open sky?

Easy to pack, easy to perch

We make it easy to take the road less travelled. 
All Hangout Pod products pack down into convenient slim-line carry bags for care-free transportation and exploration.

Camp more, worry less, and always stay bugless

Keep yourself protected from bugs and mosquitos on your travels with our convenient Mosquito Net that easily drapes over the Pod to keep those pesky bites at bay.

Bon Voyage

We believe in fun no matter the weather. That's why we created a range of accessories to keep you covered from the rain, sheltered from the sun, all while turning your Hangout Pod into an actual floating tent!

Tell me more..

Our Hangout Sets are made up of comfortable pods, bug-free nets, water protective covers and compactable steel stands. Pick and choose your perfect combination!

Colorful Pods

Our Pods are made from Olefin fabric, durable, stretchable, liveable. We think that life is meant to be lived messy. Our pods are machine washable and come in a bold range of colors!

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Fine Mesh Mosquito Nets

Our Hangout Nets provide protection from pesky bugs while creating a cozy environment to relax within. We use strong, sheer fabric, to allow light in while filtering the bugs out.

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Weatherproof Covers

Our Hangout Covers provide protection from rain, hail, sleet or snow. We use strong, weather resistant fabric to block out moisture and elements so you stay dry and warm.

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Stainless Steel Stands

Complementing the streamlines of the Hangout Pod, the Hangout Stand assembles quickly, to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

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