Weatherproof Covers

Our Hangout Net creates an ambient environment to relax within, while allowing natural ventilation and airflow all around!

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Our Hangout Nets provide protection from pesky bugs while creating a cosy environment to relax within. We use strong, sheer fabric, to allow light in while filtering the bugs out.

The ease of convenience

Our Hangout Pod Covers are designed with simplicity and protection. We want to make sure you stay safe, warm and relaxed while operating the Hangout Pod.  

Built-in travel bag

Our hangout covers pack down into a waterproof travel bag for your convenience. No more messy folding!

Mold and mildew resistant

We know safety matters to you, that's why we use heavy duty  polyester for durability, stretch, and texture.

Ventilated shade

Enjoy shelter from the sun and relax inside with the ventilated window and door design.

Waterproof protection

We use waterproof fabric because life happens and things get messy - hose down our covers and hang to dry, simple as that!